CWSS carefully pre-screens clienteles as required by the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada to facilitate processing and avoid common immigration processing errors. Our team of professional immigration consultants are able to provide a spectrum of personalized services, encompassing the following categories.

• International VISA Students
• Skilled Independent Immigrants
• Professionals & Skilled Workers
• Entrepreneur
Family Assisted Immigrants
• Tourists & Visitors
• Live-in Caregivers

In addition to our traditional service area, the Philippines, CWSS is now located at the following countries; The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, HongKong, Greece, France, Germany, Singapore, U.S.A. and many others from around the world.

And with the introduction of WWW.CWSS-CANADA.COM, we continue our commitment to provide professional immigration services. To find out how we can help, please send e-mail to: chitoc@cwss-canada.com

For an immediate evaluation, and fill up our on-line assessment form.